Project notes> Instruments of precision

1/ The expressive systems of any given cultural context, its graphic and spatial structures of representation of space and time, force and form, continuity and fragmentation, scale and density… emerge from the potentialities inherent to a specific physical and material context. In a virtual world, local context is defined by its geometric, physical and temporal structures that, by definition, determine that world’s materiality. This unfolds within the structure of its unique representational media, a consistent but modulating field of 3-dimensional digital space.

The common, ubiquitous substance of any virtual world is digital space (as defined by a partitioning of that world’s spatial expanse or territory into tangible perceptive blocks of scale, proportion and material).

Partitioning the world is its law… Cosmos, nomos, a distribution of the world’s parts.”

2/ In Greek culture, nomos (law) was a means to divide the land, a pasture or a field, defining its limits and taking possession of the territory. Traditionally, the social conventions of nomos, in the context of polis, the space of the city, was employed to separate and define space, forming where one inhabits. Territory is transformed from a boundless space into an oriented, sustainable Place.

Landscape is made from that which escapes, all landscape is scapeland.” [Jean François Lyotard]

3/ The materials used to partition space are fabricated according to the world’s physical laws –a consistent body of physical and geometrical rules that determine how material bodies act, react and resist. These materials, their specific qualities in terms of texture, transparence, resistance and economy, are determining attributes of a space’s qualities (proportion, scale, articulation, usage…)

4/ Instruments of precision must be invented by, in and for the world in order to measure it, to analyze it, to reveal its physical and material structure. These tools make possible the accumulation and diffusion of the necessary knowledge and know-how to understand those laws, and to enable working and creating within their framework.

5/ Connecting, disconnecting and aligning these instruments creates complex devices, logical machines, from which the world’s technologies are developed.

6/ It is through the development of applied technologies–material, graphic and representational techniques–that the world’s systems, objects and spaces can be invented.

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