Avair resident> Brad Kligerman

I’m an architect cloaked as an artist and teacher, who, by assuming this disguise, is trying to better understand what it actually means to make architecture. What, how and why we inhabit virtual worlds is the most important question I am addressing at this time in my work and life. I am Kliger Dinkin in Second Life. I blog about all this at Metaverse Territories (Building with immaterials); Metaverse Architecture (Architectural Ideas from the Metaverse); Image Cloud

I do both gallery scale installations and projects at the scale of a territory. Of interest is the generation of spatial fragments that emerge from logical machines built by and for the project, and are necessary for its conception, its fabrication and its force.
As a teacher, I lead a studio in an architecture school. Both of these activities (architect + teacher) are tied together by a strong emphasis on the invention of intelligent, interactive space that is respective of and emergent from its integral representational media, its local and global context and integrated constructive technologies.WHERE?
I am lucky enough to be living Paris, France.
I work in Paris, throughout Europe, the US and in the virtual world of Second Life.
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