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Nam June Paik – Retrospective [uk Liverpool]

Nam June Paik :: until March 13, 2011 :: Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4BB, UK + FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ.

Media artist, performance artist, composer and visionary, Nam June Paik (1932–2006) was one of the most innovative artists of the twentieth century. Paik’s radical ideas on art and technology transformed what we now understand as video and media art. Renowned for his spectacular video installations and manipulated images of avant-garde performances, pop singers and television commercials, Paik paved the way for the sensibility of the MTV generation and YouTube phenomenon.

Tate Liverpool presents the first major retrospective since the artist’s death with museum kunst palast, Düsseldorf. The exhibition in Liverpool is the first UK exhibition of Paik’s work since 1988, and is presented in collaboration with FACT. Continue reading

Dec 19, 13:25
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Journeys Across Media 2011: Space in Our Time

[Image from Adrift] Journeys Across Media 2011: Space in Our Time: Exploring the Frontiers of Screen and Live Performance Space :: May 6, 2011 :: University of Reading, UK :: Call for Papers – Deadline: January 30, 2011.

Space in performance and media is constantly shifting. Emerging technologies and new models of physical spaces have radically shaped our conceptions and experiences of performing, the world and our performing within that world. Artistic experimentation in live performance tests and contests space as a neutral/ political/ liminal/ active zone. Through innovative spatial delineations and/or site specific work, contemporary theatre and performance challenge conventions of text and space, performance and institution and performance and audience. Continue reading

Dec 19, 13:14
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SON[I]A #116: Interview with Ubuweb’s Founder

SON[I]A #116: Interview with Kenneth Goldsmith (17’48”) — poet, university professor, and founder and main editor of Ubuweb, the Internet’s largest archive of artistic avant-garde material. An underground project that has no institutional backing or budget of any kind, Ubuweb is an influential repository that is as exhaustive as it is personal, reflecting the preferences, quirks and obsessions of its creator.

SON[I]A talks to Goldsmith about the origins, ideas and operation of Ubuweb:
Continue reading

Dec 19, 12:42
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Live Stage: Valentina Vuksic [fr Paris]

Upgrade! Paris #41: Valentina Vuksic :: December 19, 2010; 6:00 – 8:00 pm ::
Générale Nord-Est, 14 avenue Parmentier, Paris 11, M° Voltaire (9).

Valentina Vuksic (DE) is a computer artist and programmer based in Zürich. She approaches computers via acoustic transducers for magnetic fields — telephone adapters — and engages in a personal exploration of the possibilities offered by articulated hard- and software mediation.

About her work: Computer Noise: Harddisko, installation: Hard drives orchestra (disk noise), Harddisko vinyl, Sei Personaggi part 2, installation: Experimental play in computers (RAM noise), Permanent atelier and stage in Luzein (CH): Computer Concrète in the Swiss mountains. Continue reading

Dec 18, 14:14
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iD#6 MATARÓ-VIC: Intervention in Public Space

IdensitatiD#6 MATARÓ-VIC: Intervention in Public Space :: Call for Proposals — Deadline: March 12, 2011.

Within the framework of the project Ceci n’est pas une voiture. Nomadic devices loom around the museum, Idensitat, CanXalant. Centre de Creació i Pensament Contemporani de Mataró and ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies launch an open call for ideas to develop two projects of intervention in the public spaces of Mataró and Vic.

The project Ceci n’est pas une voiture. Nomadic devices loom around the museum is born as a documentation and reflection exercise on the construction of mobile devices as elements of an expanded concept of the Museum or going as far as being an alternative to it. Continue reading

Dec 18, 13:59
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Reading the Digital City: New Political Technologies in the Network Society

Reading the Digital City: New Political Technologies in the Network Society (revised version) by Clemens Apprich, The Next Layer: Art, Technology and Social Change:

This article examines the ‘digital city’ debate of the mid 1990s as a point of departure for a media-historical questioning of how technology and the discourse about technology were used as an experimental playground for new forms of knowledge that are fundamental for the understanding of today’s network society. This text has been presented as a conference paper at the ‘networks and sustainability‘ track of the ‘textiles’ conference in Riga in June 2010. The paper will also appear in a special edition of the Arts and Communications Journal edited by RIXC at the end of 2010.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the proclaimed crisis of the city marked a general crisis of governance: the discussion about the supposed “decline of cities” was characterized by a controversial debate about a possible loss of control.1 Continue reading

Dec 18, 13:49
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Gift of Nam June Paik #3 – Archeology of New Media

Gift of Nam June Paik #3 – Archeology of New Media :: December 17, 2010 :: Nam June Paik Art Center, 85 Sanggal-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 446-905.

This year’s symposium explores the concept of “archeology” from two different perspectives. On the one hand, archaeology as the scientific method of tracing historical beginnings; on the other hand, archeology as the Foucauldian strategy of deconstructing power/signification systems. One may connect the notion of “archaeology” to Nam June Paik’s artistic practice from both perspectives, as it not only embodies the historical beginning of new artistic media, but also an act of inventing what we might call “artistic archeology”. Archeology of New Media will address both lines of thought: Nam June Paik’s re-territorialization of new media, as well as the topicality of his artistic archeology as a strategy of deterritorialization. Continue reading

Dec 16, 16:52
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Turbulence Commission: “Google Variations” by Leonardo Solaas

Turbulence Commission: Google Variations by Leonardo Solaas:

Google is the main hub of an emerging data-driven world. It is a beast with many faces, impossible to grasp all at once and growing new limbs every day. It is also the name of many contradictions: a centralized traffic control in the (supposedly) horizontal and distributed Internet; a supporter of data openness and accessibility that relies on secret algorithms; and a ranking technology that is based on finding out popularity while it simultaneously determines it. Google Variations is a series of approximations of some of these diverse aspects of Google. It is a collection of formal and conceptual micro-experiments, a fly-eyed view of an entity so pervasive that it tends to be invisible while it radically changes our lives. Google Variations employs multiple strategies to de-naturalize our relationship with the brand, the corporation and the technology. Continue reading

Dec 15, 14:30
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Environmental Sculpture Installations [tw Taiwan]

2011 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project: Environmental Sculpture Installations, Call for Proposals — Deadline: February 11, 2011 :: Kuan Shu Educational Foundation, Lane 79, Wu Lang Street, Taichung City 403, Taiwan.

Artists from all countries are invited to send a proposal for a site-specific outdoor sculpture installation that will involve working with local elementary school children to create an artwork focused on making the Cheng Long Wetlands a ‘greener’ place where biodiversity can flourish. This year the emphasis will be on sculpture installations in the waters of the wetlands that can improve the habitat for wildlife and increase biodiversity as well as provide aesthetic enjoyment and raise public awareness about the importance of wetlands. Continue reading

Dec 13, 21:09
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Burak Arikan @ .Chance) [fr Aix-en-Provence]

“The network does not exist, it has to be created”* by Burak Arikan @ .Chance): International Conference on Social Networking in the Cultural Domain :: December 18, 2010 :: 1 avenue Marcel Pagnol, 13090, Aix-en-Provence, France.

The network inherently does not exist, one has to capture this complex event. What happens after you capture it? Network itself turns into a commodity? A power tool? A creative medium that is different than representation? I will discuss such questions in relation to my recent work: Meta-Markets (2007), MyPocket (2008), and recent network mapping projects (2008-2010).

ABOUT THE CONFERENCE: How can the cultural community benefit from the recent boom of the social networking tools? Continue reading

Dec 13, 19:05
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