Riffworld, a new music collaboration space is Somona Wire Works’ entry into the music collaboration and social networking space. here’s what they write about it:

Using the RiffWorks desktop recording application, up to four musicians can connect and collaborate on a song simultaneously. As a layer records, it instantly streams to other players’ running RiffWorks. As the Riff loops, other players can add more. All contributions are saved on and can be opened later for further collaboration.

As Mike at Garagespin says: It’s “kind of an interesting spin on the space touched on by music collaboration & social networking sites Kompoz, Light Speed Audio, eJamming Audio, SpliceMusic, and a bunch of others. They’re all pretty different — some focusing on loop-generated music, some focusing on pure songwriting ideas, and others focusing on live interaction. ” (Mike hadn’t tried it out yet and neither have I; still you might want to have a look.)

Riffworld recording software includes automatic track creation, loop recording, guitar-oriented effects, InstantDrummer, professionally recorded drum tracks, online music collaboration, and instant podcasting so you can broadcast any song created in RiffWorks – whether it’s a solo effort or collaboration – for the RiffWorld community to hear. You can listen to songs, get feedback about them, talk about what your fellow musicians are creating, and find other musicians to jam with.

Thanks to MikeB.

Feb 7, 2008
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