Live Stage: Bubblyfish + Playboy’s Bend [be Brussels]

mr.jpgBubblyfish + Playboy’s Bend :: October 17, 2008; 9:00 – 11:00 pm :: MediaRuimte, 104 Lakensestraat, B-1000 Brussels.

Bubblyfish: A sound artist, composer, and audio engineer, Haeyoung Kim explores the territory of sounds in electronic music. Currently, under the name Bubblyfish, she has been creating 8-bit and experimental sound works. Haeyoung has collaborated with many respected sound and visual artists such as Malcolm McLaren, the founder of Sex Pistols, Hans Jochim Rodelius, and the Brussels based media art group, Lab[au]. Her work has been presented in art venues, clubs, festivals, and galleries internationally including The American Museum of the Moving Image, Pompidou Center, Kunsthalle Wien, MUTEK, LABoral, Lincoln Center Walter Reed Theater, and The New Museum.

Playboy’s Bend is a musical and electronic project started by Xavier Gazon in 2006. Xavier Gazon is a belgian electronic producer and multimedia artist who started like a DJ in 1993 and released his 1st record with an acid techno project called ‘sixth sense approach’ on Reload record when he was 17. In 2000, his musical works turned to ‘idm electro’ and he created the “Ex nihilo records” label (2000-2007) and his own project called Etschaberry at the same time. He produced international artists, organised gigs and concerts, toured with Otto Von Schirach in 2006 and played in cities like London, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam, Leipzig … He also participated in famous gigs and festivals like Bangface (UK), Transmedial Festival (Berlin), … In 2006, he decided to start electronic studies and began to open toys and drum machines to pimp the heart of his instruments. He created his personal sound & music: The bend of the playboy was born.

t0ys4b0ys2.jpgt0ys4b0ys Residency :: October 7-17, 2008: Clashing boxes of noise and toys, shortcutting, bending and occasionally (deep) frying electronics, effectively transforming plastic into magic smoke or glorifying made-in-china engineering in a virtuoso impromptu with a twist. Circuit bending “brings the noise” out of appliances that were designed to sound like birds, cats or creepy clowns. Often sounding like “broken”, these “james bond style customized instruments – full of buttons and secret weapons” take on the motto: “it’s not a bug … it’s a feature!”

Oct 13, 2008
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