Taina Riikonen [uk London]

improv.jpgCreative Research in Sound Arts Practice invites you to the following seminar exploring Aspects of Current Research
into Improvisation and Performance
; a short performance by the Ecosonic Ensemble featuring the Ouija Board will be followed by a discussion lead by the specially invited guest speaker Taina Riikonen, Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Sibelius Academy in Finland :: March 18, 2009; 4:00 pm :: Performance Laboratory, M108, Media Block, London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle.

The discussions will explore some of the following areas: the roles of instruments (acoustic/ electronic/ mixed) as cultural and material producers of musical interaction; the sonic and verbal definition processes of authorities in the improvisation; the different fine-textured nuances of embodied communication in rehearsal/ performance processes; embodiment, collective authorities and electronics.

The Ouija board, developed by Thomas Gardner, is a new form of group musical instrument. Based on the real-time video analysis of the shadows cast by the hands of the performers, it reframes many of the conventions of traditional, tactile instrumental control.


It allows the relationship between sound material from loudspeakers (location recordings, processed live sound, synthesised sounds) and the embodied act of performance to be investigated more deeply. This occurs both in a formal research processes and during performance, where the Ouija board acts as a bridge between acousmatic and traditional instrumental / vocal techniques.

The tactile quality of traditional acoustic instruments is in contrast to this remote, shadowy form of engagement. It is a negative instrument, between two worlds, casting a human shadow on the acousmatic curtain.

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Mar 18, 2009
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