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“Data-Driven DJ: Distance From Home” by Brian Foo

Distance From Home: Translating four decades of global refugee movement to song by Brian Foo, is part of Data-Driven DJ, a series of music experiments that combine data, algorithms, and borrowed sounds. The goal is to explore new experiences around consuming data beyond the written and visual forms. This song was generated using refugee data from the United Nations from 1975 to 2012. The quantity, length, and pitch of the song’s instruments are controlled by the volume of refugee movement and distance traveled between their countries of origin and asylum. More here.

Jul 8, 2015
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Quintetto by Quiet Ensemble

Quintetto — by Quiet Ensemble — is an installation that employs the casual movement of objects or living creatures used as input for the production of sounds. The basic concept is to reveal what we call “invisible concerts” of everyday life. The vertical movements of the 5 fish in the aquariu(m) are captured by a video camera which translates (through software) their movements in digital sound signals.”

Nov 7, 2011
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20 Hz by Semiconductor

20 Hz — by Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) — observes a geo-magnetic storm occurring in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Continue reading

Nov 7, 2011
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Live Stage: Electronic Music Concert 04 [de Berlin]

elec.jpgElectronic Music Concert 04 :: June 27, 2010; 2:00 – 8:00 pm :: Theaterkapelle, Boxhagener Strasse 99, 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain, Germany :: For our off-site audience: Realtime streaming service through USTREAM MIGHT happen. Please check here for the streaming address.

Lineup: Bernd Schurer (CH) Zurich :: Daisuke Ishida (JP) Berlin :: Lee Gamble (UK) London :: Martin Supper (DE) Berlin :: Yutaka Makino (JP) Berlin.

Bernd Schurer (CH): My artistic focus lies on the work with sound in a broad spectrum of different contexts: a constant shift, although, mostly investigating the experiential relationship between sound and what one would generally describe as space. Continue reading

Jun 12, 2010
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Nanotechnology & Spatial Boundaries: The Midas Project

The Midas Project: Paul Thomas and the sound of atoms vibratingThe Midas Project gathers data from an Atomic Force Microscope focusing on the particles that exist at the interface between skin and gold. The work examines the data gathered at the nano level to investigate how we become part of the world. This project explores and extends the principles of visualising the infinite smallness through new technologies. The research investigates questions of nanotechnological spatial boundaries and turns the infinitely small into an audible and palpable experience.

Midas project from Paul Thomas on Vimeo Continue reading

Dec 20, 2008
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Live Stage: Christina Kubisch [ca Montreal + QC]

kubisch.jpgElectrical Walks with Christina Kubsich :: Launch – September 10, 2008; 5:30 – 8:30 pm :: OBORO New Media Lab, 4001 Berri, 2nd floor, Montreal :: Headphones available from September 11-20, 2008 at Goethe-Institut Montréal, 418, Sherbrooke East) (Free) For more information, see press release.

For the first time in Canada, and concurrently in Quebec City and Montreal, Christina Kubisch presents her Electrical Walks, where members of the public are invited to pace the urban space with headphones specially developed by the artist to transform electromagnetic fields into audible frequencies.

WORKSHOP: Electromagnetic Explorations of the City :: September 16 – 18, 2008 :: OBORO’s New Media Lab. Continue reading

Aug 27, 2008
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Bill Orcutt Plays the NY Times

Reblogged Subtle Vibrations

otto_03_small.jpgDuncan Wilson created OTTO with Manolis Kelaidis at the Royal College of Art.

OTTO (Greek for ‘ear’) is a device that makes hidden sounds audible. This is achieved via a thin polymer piezoelectric contact that senses weak vibrations and plays them as a sound through an integrated speaker. OTTO can be positioned on almost any surface through a combination of suction and magnets. By placing several units on different objects, one can select and create a new sonic experience and a form of ambient music appreciation, thereby utilising our space as a multidirectional audio platform. Continue reading

Jan 14, 2008
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Visualized and Sonified DNA

dna1.pngVisit (click on DNA)to see a video and hear the sonification of GENE – LUXR :: ORGANISM – VIBRIO :: FISCHERI TRANSLATION – CNA :: It’s a one-minute sample and quite beautiful.

According to the very limited information on the site, DNA, mRNA and Protein sequences are translated into MIDI to generate the sound and control the image variables in realtime. When presented in live performance a MIDI controller is used. The gene information and sequences are available here. Other audio samples are available here.

Jan 14, 2008
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Reblogged Micro Performance

2042497731_0312862d32.jpgMikro is a series of improvised performances using the immediate surroundings as raw material: A microscope captures everyday objects and surfaces like wallpaper, coins, clothing, furniture, newspapers and transforms it into an explosive universe of textures. Contact microphones and electromagnetic sniffers pick up unhearable sounds to create the live soundtrack. Mikro is a collaboration between HC Gilje (video) and Justin Bennett (sound). Performances so far: Paradiso (Amsterdam), IMAL (Brussels), TAG (den Haag), DNK (Amsterdam), Bergen Kunsthall Landmark (Bergen), Laznia (Gdansk) [posted on HC Gilje blog]

Nov 26, 2007
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