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Live Stage: MobileArtCon2010 [us NYC]

iamdaw.jpgMobileArtCon 2010 :: October 23-24, 2010 @ ITP with offsite events October 22-25, 2010 :: 721 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY.

The International Association of Mobile Digital Artists (iAMDA) will hold its first annual event Saturday & Sunday October 23-24, 2010 at ITP. Artists, app developers and art historians will come together for the first time to discuss the creative possibilities of touch-screen technology on mobile devices. Sessions will focus on technique, technical developments and theoretical discussions of mobile digital media in an art-historical context.

Aside from its value as a creative medium, we will be looking at the social aspect of mobile digital art and its role in creating a diverse international community based on common artistic and technological interests. Continue reading

Sep 12, 2010
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Live Stage: Dialogues at Links Hall [us Chicago]

thedialoguesad.jpgThe Dialogues at Links Hall :: Eric Leonardson, Lou Mallozzi, Sam Wagster ::September 13, 7:30PM: other dates listed below :: Links Hall 3435 N. Sheffield Avenue, Suite 207 Chicago, IL 60657 :: Phone: 773-281-0824 ::

Eric Leondardson is one of the guest sonic artists performing at Links Hall in this nine-show series beginning September 13. Links Hall Artistic Associate Dexter Bullard curates a series of improvised intimate phone calls between two well-known Chicago performers who are unknown to each other while the audience uses headphones to listen in… All shows are at 7:30. Continue reading

Sep 11, 2010
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Halsey Burgund, Scapes [us Lincoln, MA]

halsey_burgund.jpgHalsey Burgund, Scapes :: July 13, 2010 – November 4, 2010 :: deCordova, 51 Sandy Pond Rd, Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Halsey Burgund is a musician and sound artist who lives and works in Bedford, MA. Burgund’s projects are collaborative and provide participants with an active role in content creation. Part of generation Wiki and the democratization of knowledge, Burgund uses open source platforms, GPS technology, and interactivity to create musical scores from participants’ spoken words that continuously evolve in real-time. Scapes, Burgund’s project for PLATFORM 3, creates a two-way audio experience for museum visitors influenced significantly by their physical location on deCordova grounds. Participants will use handheld wireless devices and headphones to listen to audio and also to make their own recordings which will be immediately assimilated into the piece for everyone to hear. Organized by former Koch Curatorial Fellow Nina Gara Bozicnik and current Koch Curatorial Fellow Lexi Lee, the exhibition will be accompanied by a full-color brochure.

Jul 11, 2010
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Benjamin Newland’s Nomadic Sound System

The wireless wearable sound system frees electronic music from the restraints of immovable equipment, opening up possibilities for mobile performance and new forms of audience participation. The NSS enables musicians to fully engage with the space and experiment with human analogue surround sound, moving speakers around the audience, setting up surprises in the halls and corridors and creating site specific musical journeys in the process. Learn more at We Make Money Not Art.

Jul 6, 2010
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Making Music with Mobile Devices – free download

book.jpgMaking Music with Mobile Devices by G.W. Childs:

The iPhone, iPod Touch, Nintendo Gameboy, and handhelds like them are some of the many devices used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Many of the people who use these devices are musicians who don’t know that they can use their handhelds to make and record music. This book offers both a survey of the available technologies, hardware, and software available for making music on mobile devices, as well as direct instruction and tutorials on how to set up music software on mobile devices and then integrate it into a stage or studio setup. Additionally, this book covers how to integrate mobile devices into the home recording environment for use with software like Pro Tools, Ableton Live and more. Free download.

Jul 4, 2010
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Live Stage: Mobile Music Instruments & Environments [us NYC]

icmc.jpg urMus – Mobile Music Instruments and Environments with Georg Essl :: June 6, 2010; 3:30 – 8:30 p.m. :: Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, 596 Broadway, Suite 602 New York, New York.

How do music information retrieval (MIR), music performance, and music composition overlap? What tools are being developed in MIR research that may have interesting uses in creating new music? How might the needs and practices of composers and performers inform MIR work? How can we support better collaboration and cross-visibility between MIR researchers and the computer music community? These are some questions that we believe are worth exploring in a dedicated workshop at ICMC.
Continue reading

May 9, 2010
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Live Stage: Radio Art Tram Ride [at Vienna]

flyer_preview.jpgInformelles Radio — Join a Radio Art Tram Ride through Vienna: on air (FM4 – on line – on site :: March 14, 2010; 11:00 – 11:45 pm (CET) :: Vienna, between the following tram stops: start at Alserstraße – U6, Lange Gasse, Schottentor, Salztorbrücke, Hintere Zollamtsstraße, Ungargasse, Südbahnhof, Schwarzenbergplatz.

A tram equipped as an art space and radio studio, informal radio is a live on air multi-channel radio performance, including nine radio stations based throughout Austria.

informal radio is a project by students of the Digital Art class at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts, supervised by Nicolaj Kirisits and Klaus Filip. The tram becomes a mobile exhibition space for twelve time-based installations by Kathrin Stumreich, Viktoria Wöß, JoaKnierzinger, Mara Bloom, hpl, Johannes Muik, Daniel Gyolcs, mths, Miriam Mone, conny zenk, Karl Salzmann, Jan Perschy and Conny Zenk + mths. Continue reading

Mar 12, 2010
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Mobilfest 2010 [br Sao Paulo + Rio]

mobile.jpgV MOBILEFEST 2010 :: Call for Papers, Projects, Prototypes, Products, Solutions, Mobile Applications — Deadline: March 31, 2010 :: Sao Paulo, April 15-18, 2010; and in Rio deJaneiro, May tba.

Theme: How can mobile technology contribute to democracy, culture, art, environment, peace, education, health and the Third Sector?

Key Words: 3g, mobile applications, interactive architecture, electronic art, mobile activism, bluetooth, cyber culture, live cinema, mociology, culture, democracy, inclusion design, ecology, education, d-i-y, gprs, gps, LBS, innovation, mobile and wireless games, lbs, locative, geotagging, electronic music, mobile music, Continue reading

Mar 4, 2010
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Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra

articlelarge.jpg[Image: Nicholas Bryan plays multiple iPhones during the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra’s Music for Iphones concert at the the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics] From Pocket to Stage, Music in the Key of iPhone, a December 4, 2009 article in the New York Times by Clair Cane Miller and Miguel Helft:

PALO ALTO, Calif. — An expectant hush fell over the audience as the director of the chamber ensemble, Ge Wang, came out and asked them to turn off their cellphones. The seven other musicians, dressed in black, filed in and took their positions in a circle. Ge Wang, a co-director of the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra, moved around the audience on Thursday, playing two iPhones. Ge Wang says the iPhone may be the first musical instrument, electronic or otherwise, that millions will carry in their pockets.

The conductor raised his hands. A low droning sound arose, as if the chamber ensemble were tuning. Then the musicians began to swing their arms in wide circles, creating rising and falling waves of electronic sound… Sometimes the sounds were otherworldly…. More: here.

Dec 5, 2009
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Live Stage: Our Lady of Detritus [us NYC]

trikesolar-umbrella.jpgKristin Norderva in her latest collaboration with Jill Sigman, Our Lady of Detritus – an interactive mobile performance installation about trash and transcendence :: Sunday, September 20: 2-4PM :: Queens Botanical Garden (Queens), 4350 Main St. (inside the Garden, near Main St. entrance).

Our Lady of Detritus is a portable performance installation that will travel to parks and outdoor spaces in multiple NYC boroughs this Fall. A funky “food for thought” cart made of an orange cargo tricycle, Our Lady of Detritus is about trash and transcendence – raising awareness about waste management and recycling, while looking at our personal relations to re-invention, garbage, and throwing things away. Think of an old-fashioned hot dog cart for experimental art… Continue reading

Sep 16, 2009
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