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The Share Prize Competition 2012

share.jpg2012 Share Prize Competition :: Piemonte Share is announcing the 8th Share Festival and the opening of the competition for the Share Prize, the award dedicated to art in the digital age. Deadline for submissions: *June 20th 2012*.

Share Prize 2012 : The competition jury will award a prize of euro 2,500.00 to the work (published or unpublished) which best represents experimentation between arts and new technologies. (Two thousand, five hundred euros, includes tax and social security withholdings.) The candidates for the prize (a short list of a maximum of 6 competitors) will be guests at the 8° edition of the Share Festival, taking place in Turin from October 30th to November 11th 2012. Continue reading

Jun 4, 2012
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Electromagnetic Field 2012: call for participation [uk Milton Keynes]

emf.jpgElectromagnetic Field 2012: call for participation :: a three-day camping festival :: Friday 31 August and Sunday 2 September 2012 :: in Pineham Park, near Milton Keynes in the UK :: for anyone interested in science, engineering, DIY, technology, arts or crafts :: a cross between a tech conference and music festival :: talks and workshops :: deadline for submission: Friday, June 29, 2012, 23:59 UTC ::

Electromagnetic Field 2012 is a festival for anyone interested in 3D printing, DIYBio, textiles, electronics, Internet culture, music hacking, space, lockpicking, homebrewing, computer security, robots, UAVs, mind hacking, radio, and pretty much anything else you can think of… in a field! See Continue reading

May 19, 2012
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Live Stage: Art.Tech.NOW at MIT [us Cambridge, MA]

mit.jpgArt.Tech.NOW — A Night of Art, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at MIT :: Art.Tech.NOW! is an event centered around art, technology, and entrepreneurship. A collaboration between MIT and SMFA, the event will feature dinner, a speaker, a design-a-thon, startup-demos, a student art show, and a startup booth :: May 16th, 2012 from 6-9 p.m. :: at the Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship (E40-160):: Spots are limited ::

To sign up, please go here: For more details on the event, please visit:

May 9, 2012
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Open Call Deadline: Beam Festival

beam_festival_14_3.jpgOpen Call: Beam Festival at Brunel University, Uxbridge, West London :: June 22-24, 2012 :: Deadline for submissions: Friday 30th March 2012 ::

We are once again inviting submissions of work to be showcased at this year’s event, held 22-24 June 2012 at Brunel University. All proposals should refer to the broad themes of music & technology, interactivity, electronic or electro-acoustic music with a live or interactive element, music produced through unusual interfaces or DIY instruments. Work should fit into one of three categories: installations & demonstrations, gig-ready performances or AudioVisual presentations for the BEAM media kiosk. For more information go to Continue reading

Mar 26, 2012
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Call for entries: New Technological Art Award Foundation [be Gent]

slide1.jpgCall for Entries :: New Technological Art Award Foundation Liedts-Meesen 2012 Update_4 :: 15 September-18 of November, 2012 :: Zebrastraat Gent, Zebrastraat 32/001, 9000 Gent, Belgium :: see:

After update_1 in 2006, with curator, Jean-Marie Dallet, professor and researcher linked to ÉESI, responsible of the laboratory of the école d’art Figures de l’interactivité, Angoulême-Poitiers, France, followed by update_2 in collaboration with the ZKM, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe and with curator Peter Weibel, Director of the ZKM, and finally update_3, in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, Service Nouveaux Médias and curator Christine Van Assche, guardian of the Centre Pompidou, we are determined to continue this series with update_4, to be held from the 15th of September till the 18th of November 2012. Continue reading

Nov 14, 2011
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Net_Music_Weekly: “Death and the Powers” by Tod Machover

death_and_powers.jpg[Photo credit: M.I.T. Media Laboratory] When I die, what remains? What will I leave behind? What can I control? What can I perpetuate?

These are the eternal human questions facing Simon Powers, the protagonist of visionary composer Tod Machover’s new opera Death and the Powers, a full-evening work which premiered September 24, 2010 at l’Opéra de Monte-Carlo. In the opera, Powers, a rich, powerful businessman and inventor, wishes to perpetuate his existence beyond the decay of his physical being.

Reaching the end of his life, Powers uses his vast resources to devise a way to ‘download’ himself into his environment. This transformation turns every object in his surroundings — his books, furniture and walls — into a collective, living version of himself, called The System. Continue reading

Sep 26, 2010
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Live Stage: Gogbot Festival – The Singularity is Near [nl Enschede]

gogbot.jpgGogbot Festival :: The Singularity is Near; Resistance is Futile :: September 9-12, 2010 :: Enschede, The Netherlands, different localities :: Free

More than 250 artists, performers, musicians and other creative spirits will show their talents at 10 locations of the free entrance expo’s. Four days you can be part of this art music and technology spectacle. Interactive installations, insect-robot-build-workshops, electric fish, bio-installations, nano-technology, film, Japanese bacteria machines, artificial intelligences, cyborgs, magnetic fields, Beauty Parlour of the Future, Revenge of the Killer-iPhone, The bad days of Britney-Spears and of course an extended music program! ( for music program, see: Continue reading

Aug 25, 2010
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American Quarterly: Special Issue on Sound

soundart.jpg[Image: Sound Art by Alan Licht] American Quarterly: Special Issue on Sound; Kara Keeling and Josh Kun, Guest Editors :: Call for Papers — Deadline: August 1, 2010.

The field of American studies has long been a familiar home to scholars interested in the social and cultural worlds of sound. Yet while visual culture has had a more visible presence on the pages of American Quarterly, sound has been heard in sporadic bursts, forceful whispers, and sudden critical noises. We propose a special issue of American Quarterly that highlights the key role of sound in the formation of central themes and areas of inquiry within contemporary American studies.

While the study of sound has gained momentum in the last three decades across a variety of disciplines, much remains to be gleaned from a rigorously interdisciplinary focus on sound in its cultural, political, technological, economic, socio-historical, spatial, temporal, affective, and formal contexts. Continue reading

Jul 18, 2010
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Explorations in Audio by Jim Andrews

vispo.jpgJim Andrews has started a group blog on electronic literature, netartery. Among its recent posts is one by Jim himself that you shouldn’t miss if you have any interest in sound production: Explorations in Audio, published on May 28, 2010.

After 11 years of using the Director multimedia tool to create pieces such as dbCinema, Jig Sound, Arteroids, Nio, A Pen, On Lionel Kearns, War Pigs, F8MW9, The Idea of Order at Key West Re-Ordered, and Oppen Do Down, I’m attempting a major bit of re-tooling to Flash.

I’m interested in the audio capabilities of Flash. And I’m interested in the visual processing possibs of Flash. But in this post, I’ll show you why I’m interested in the audio capabilities of Flash. There’s some interesting work going on in Flash audio. Continue reading

Jun 15, 2010
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Network Musical Performance Workshop [us Stanford, CA]

ccrma.jpgNetwork Musical Performance (NMP): Technical and Artistic Strategies to Perform Around the Globe — Workshop led by Juan Pablo Caceres :: July 19-23, 2010 :: Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Department of Music, Stanford University, 660 Lomita Dr., Stanford, California :: CALL FOR PARTICIPATION — Registration Deadline: June 30, 2010.

This workshop is intended as a practical introduction to network music performance. Both technical and musical topics will be discussed, including: history of the field, Internet technologies for streaming, control messages and laptop performances, transcontinental high-quality network performance, performance issues like delay and presence, installations and synthesis in the network, future and potential as a compositional medium, programming techniques and software survey, virtual worlds in musical network performance. Continue reading

May 3, 2010
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"Two Trains" by Data-Driven DJ aka Brian Foo

Two Trains: Sonification of Income Inequality on the NYC Subway by Data-Driven DJ aka Brian Foo: The goal of this song is to emulate a ride on the New York City Subway's 2 Train ... Read more
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