Yucef Merhi

New York, NY, USA

Yucef Merhi was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He studied at Universidad Central de Venezuela, New School University, and holds a Master’s in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University. His artistic practice began in the mid 80s. He is known as the first artist in exhibiting a work of art that included avideo game console, the Atari 2600, back in 1985. As the pioneer of Digital Art in Venezuela, Merhi has produced a wide body of works that engage electronic circuits, computers, video game systems, touch screens, and other devices in the presentation of his written words, like the Poetic Clock, a machine that converts time into poetry which generates 86.400 different poems daily. The resulting artworks expand the limitations of language and the traditional context of poetry, proposing a bold new role for the poet in our culture.